Disciplinary Cases, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Article 78 Petitions, GML 207-c cases

Your job is a property interest which must always be protected. Unfortunately situations occur in the workplace that threaten your job security and future employment. You should never leave such occurrences to chance. Whether you are facing a workplace disciplinary charge, experiencing harassment, or seeking to challenge an adverse job action, you need representation in order to properly protect your interests. 


Home & Commercial Sales & Purchases,

Re-Financing, Leases, Property Disputes

For over 25 years real estate has been a staple of this law practice and continues to be an area where clients seek our assistance. In New York and Connecticut we have provided professional legal services to individual clients, lenders and title companies. While our focus is largely on real estate transactions, over the years we have handled litigation matters resulting from property and transaction disputes. 


Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, Estate Settlement

We will provide you with all of your estate planning needs. Whether it is a simple will or trust to a more complicated plan, the protection of your assets and the proper transfer of your property to your intended beneficiaries is the ultimate goal. We can also assist with the administration of the estate of someone who died without a will or the probate of an estate according to the instructions outlined in a will. 


Teacher Disciplines, Student Disciplines, Student Educational Rights

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you have certain rights which you do not forfeit once you cross the threshold of the school doors. However, disciplinary cases differ whether you are a teacher or a student. Similarly, students and their parents have special concerns and rights when it comes to securing the full benefits of an education. We can assist you whether it is a disciplinary case or a matter of securing the proper educational benefit. For teachers facing discipline, we provide representation and always endeavor to maximize job and benefits protection.